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Our global goal is the popularization of charity in Russia. We aim to ensure that more of our citizens realize its importance and find the opportunity to personally participate in charitable projects.
Our mission

DoGood. Alarm

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Application mission

Increase the proportion of people that donate to charity on a regular basis
Attract new people to charity, increase the total amount of donations
Simplify and automate the donation process for them
Application mission

Key functions

Kindness alarm
Donation calendar
Key functions

How does the alarm work?

According to statistics, 57% of respondents press the "Repeat alarm" button when the alarm clock on their smartphone rings

If you oversleep or snooze the alarm, money will automatically be transferred to the account of your chosen charity
How the alarm works

How the calendar works

Mark important dates for yourself, set the time and signal
Choose a charity
Indicate donation amount
Youd donation will be carried out automatically on the set day.
How the calendar works

How to choose a charity

More than 200 NPOs carrying out charitable activities are presented in the application

Before making a final choice, you can see detailed information about any of them
How to choose a charity


Detailed statistics of your charity contributions is always available in your personal account

Install DoGood.Alarm and start every day with good deeds!

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