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About fond

"Growing Up Together" Foundation

The “Growing Up Together” Foundation was created to help charity projects properly use marketing in their work and to develop an Internet presence. This allows civil society organizations to achieve greater visibility. As a result, they increase the number of donations, attract and motivate volunteers more effectively, and participate more successfully in competitions for grants.

Narek Sirakanyan, a well-known Russian entrepreneur, President of the “Freedom International Group” international holding company, is the founder and the mind behind the "Growing Up Together" foundation.

Which requests can we be contacted with?

With any inquiries related to the promotion and development of your charitable organization on the Internet. The "Growing Up Together" foundation team consists of highly qualified specialists in the development and promotion of websites, copywriters, designers, analysts, experts in the development and implementation of strategies of various formats on social networks.
We are ready to help charities with PR. Our PR specialists will advise you on how to get the media working in your topic interested in your activities. In addition, the "Growing Up Together" foundation has specialists in video production, graphic design, dynamic graphics, as well as experienced specialists in organizing promotions and events.
Which global problem does the foundation solve?
Charities lack resources for effective marketing and fundraising.

There are about 2 million children with disabilities in Russia. According to our own research, 800 charitable foundations are involved in this issue in Russia. According to the findings of our analysts, they attract a total of about 9.9 billion rubles a year for their activities. If we calculate the amount for a single child, it amounts to about 3.5 thousand rubles a year.

We see a global problem in the fact that half of this amount is collected by the 7 most successful and strong funds in the country. The other half of the donations goes to another 217 organizations. The remaining charitable foundations (there are about 500 of them!) do not attract donations at all. In fact, they work out of sheer enthusiasm. We want to make a U-turn in this situation and change it for the better. We believe that by helping charities develop their marketing and online presence, we will be able to push them forward to catch up with the leaders. And thus, to achieve systemic improvements in the Russian “third sector”.
How do we contact you for support?
To date, the “Growing Up Together” foundation operates a system of grants to receive marketing support for charitable foundations. Study the terms of the competition and join the participants! We will be glad to be of service to you!

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