Why is it needed?

Why is it needed?
When we are engaged in the marketing and media support of funds, we expect to work together to solve one big task: bringing charity in Russia to a new level. We strive to get more people in Russia attracted to the activities of public organizations so that every Russian (regardless of their level of prosperity) gets imbued with their ideas and can find an opportunity to participate in the work of a charity project of their liking. We believe that should this scenario play out, it will change our country for the better.

What has been done already

Love Syndrome
Social media infographics
Under the Flag of Good
Development of a new logo and methodological manual
Banner development
Developing the corporate style of the "Alliance" charitable foundation
I am!
Landing page for the “#сбудется” promotion
Ticket to Life
Website for the Foundation
Trang đích cho chương trình VARENIKI
Development of a new logo and corporate identity
Bureau of Good Deeds
Landing page for the VARENIKI program

Special Projects

Good Deeds Industry
"No child is the same. Everyone has their own character, dreams, favorite toys as well as developmental characteristics. The ""Children like all others"" podcast is a joint project of the “Grow Up Together” foundation and the “Thereminvox” studio. The podcast’s hosts Anton Milekhin and Kristina Kryzhanovskaya debunk the myths and prejudices about kids, who are usually called “different”. Experts from various charitable foundations assist them in this. They explain why these children (with infantile cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and other diagnoses) are needed and important for our society. The podcast is released every 2 weeks on Wednesdays. "
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"""Children like all others"" podcast "
"More than 800 charitable foundations are involved in the problems faced by children with disabilities in Russia. However, despite the help of foundations, children with disabilities remain one of the most vulnerable categories of people in our country. The “Grow Up Together” charitable foundation has collected unique statistics that will help you understand why this is happening. "
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